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Look for a Feature on my work in
Analog Forever Magazine E9
Available March 2024

David Sokosh
is a photographer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. He creates images using the 19th Century process of cyanotype. 

His Photographic Artist Book: Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon), is available at Abecedarian Artists’ Books. or directly from the artist through this website.

Prints are available on this website and
can be seen in real life at:
 Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson or
Collier West/Studio 369 Brooklyn

His current project {images above}: Past/Present-Memory/Loss  Celebrates Material Culture as part of an exploration of still-life as portrait/self-portrait.

Ongoing projects include:
Gatsby in Blue: A Fantasia on Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. (Cyanotype book and prints). 
Shelburne!: An Exploration of American Material Culture
in the Collection of Vermont’s Shelburne Museum.

Sokosh is represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY.

Achilles and Patroclus (Pieta), 2023, Cyanotype print.
All images, design and text © 2010-2024 by David Sokosh.