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Youth, Her,etically Sealed Forever
Included in Equipoise -
Stasis and the Power of Suggestion in Still Life

Group Show at:
Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY

Opera Flowers
Included in A Good Mix
Group Show at:
Studio 369
Collier West - 369 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

David Sokosh
is a photographer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. He creates images using the 19th Century processes of cyanotype and wet-plate collodion (tintype) and works with letterpress. 

His Photographic Artist Book: Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon), is available at Abecedarian Artists’ Books. or directly from the artist through this website.
Prints are available on this website or
through Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson or Studio 369 Brooklyn
To find out more about Things That Look Like the MOON click HERE

His current project {show above} is: Past/Present-Memory/Loss  Photographs created in celebration of Material Culture (during an exploration of still-life as self-portrait).
Ongoing projects include: John Rogers in the 21st Century: Contemporary Issues Seen Through a 19th Century Lens and Objectified: Exploitation, Appropriation and Self-Objectification (of the male figure) on the Internet #allphotosusedwithoutpermission 

Sokosh is represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY.

Images: Youth, Hermetically Sealed Forever, 2023 and
Opera Flowers, 2022, Cyanotype prints.
All images and text © 2010-2023 by David Sokosh.