Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon)
Hand-Made, Limited Edition, Photographic Artist Book.
Current price $595.
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All images, design and text © 2020-2024 by David Sokosh.

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Title:            Things That Look Like the MOON (but are not the moon).

Artist:           David Sokosh

Medium:       Hand-made Photographic Artist Book
                   Printed with Cyanotype, no ink involved

Size:             6.5 x 6.5 x 1.25” closed, 6.5” x 23’ laying flat.

Edition:         Signed and numbered, limited edition of 50 + 5 APs

Description:  Cyanotype on Hahnemuhle Sumi-e paper.
                   16 images printed from 4x5 film negatives
                   Text and graphics printed from digital negatives
                   46 - 6 x 6” pages in accordion fold design
                   Printed on 16 - 6x18” sheets glued end to end and folded.
                   Page block mounted to front cover and held in rear cover with a strap. can be laid out flat for display.

Construction: Hard cover, paper mounted on board
                   PVA glue (Talas Jade 403) used for all seams and cover.

Date:           2022

Current Price:  $595 

                  Price as of 01/23/2024.  Not a guarantee of future price or availability. Email for details (click envelope below).